Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Nokia 5800 firmware v50 changelog

Nokia Firmware v50 is here

Changelog (gathered from the web and from my own experience).

General changes:
- Increased intensity of touch screen vibration (a bit too much to my liking)
- All menus now have kinetic scrolling, also the main menu
- You can now set your default web browser to be Opera Mobile if you have it installed
- Enhanced performance while scrolling through lists (smoother)
- Windows 7 Device Stage support

Browser changes:
- Version v7.2 (still crashes sometimes though)
- Send URL option (over bluetooth, mail, message ...)
- Option to enable history list
- Separate access point for webfeeds
- Kinetic scrolling all over the browser
- Browser goes fullscreen automatically and shows title bar only when loading

Application changes:
- Ovi Sync 2.0 is now integrated
- Flashlite is upgraded to 3.1.7
- Quick Office v4.2 is apparently distributed with the update, but does not show up on my phone - perhaps the memory was full (I got a system error when booting after the update)

Music player changes:
- Music player 'hides' by default instead of exiting
- Album art visible when scrolling through songs
- Using the scrollbar to scroll songs list shows the initial letter of the song, making searching easier
- Smoother scrolling

Camera changes:
- Camera app opens instantly, shortening the time between pushing the button to open and to take a picture

- Better performance in week view (when scrolling)
- Still very buggy. Reproduceable bug: tap the left/right arrows a bit in week view and the app will crash.

Some things I found on dailymobile but I don't know what they're talking about because I don't see any changes:
- Ovi Store upgraded to v1.5.6
- Ovi Contacts upgraded to v1.50.8
- Lifecasting (with Maps 3.0T SR3.0)
- Gimlet Touch 2.2 (the e-mail app)
- Enable Side lock Key functionality during Swipe UI (doesn't seem to behave differently than in v40)
- Cherry v2.1 (settings assistant, didn't try this one out)
- Rihanna service launcher (if you don't get this, get it from the OVI store)
- Workaround for Niagara (SMD) display module for DFS52.50 based products


Cherian said...

Grt post...I also didn't get QuickOffice in my update:-(. Accessing podcasts has become a wee more difficult with the new update

sabin said...

How can we now set our default web browser to be Opera Mobile if we have it installed??

sander said...

Dear sabin

In your settings, go to phone settings > application settings > default apps.

Under "Browsing internet" you can switch to another browser.