Thursday, 12 March 2009

Use your phone flash as a flashlight

Again, some updates to the 5800 annoyances and bugs list.

Just when I was thinking "hey, this bright LED flash could surely function as a flashlight... Perhaps I should take up programming for Symbian and develop a programme which does just that!", someone came up with that very idea. No programming for me then, but all the more fun lighting dark spaces - including the ones in my head!

Phone Torch has been around a bit, but lately they released their version for Symbian 5th edition. Launching the programme, you are greeted with a screenwide Start/Stop button which -albeit with a second's delay- activates the flashlight and blinds your enemies/fills your room with pleasant LED light.

Lately, the developer has been tweaking his Torch app a bit, fixing a few bugs and adding a few functions, such as morse code, switching between the red and white light and allowing to light up when the application starts. All in all a great program to have. I even gave it an expensive place in my four-icon shortcut list!

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