Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Nokia 5800 v20.0.012 changelog

Nokia released its v20.0.012 patch which was available since Monday, 9 February 2009. The following list is a changelog I composed based on my own experience, and from users on Tweakers.net, AllaboutSymbian.com and Dailymobile.se.

Updated on 11-FEB-2009

+ Faster operation, speed improvements for Java apps as well.
+ the theme effects are much more supple now. Menus don't flicker after opening any more. Still slowing the phone down though.
+ file browser is much faster
+ touchscreen is less sensitive when locked (i.e. when the buttons come available despite the lock e.g. when an alarm goes), and a little more sensitive in normal unlocked use. An adjustment control is still desirable though.
+ new icons
+ You can now edit what gets shown on the "Shorcuts bar" home screen. i.e should it show search, music player, calendar, radio etc. Sadly not yet available in the "contacts" view :(
+ Search on the home screen is now "search internet and my content", Google Search added as a service
+ WLAN problems seem to be gone. Previously I could only connect to my neighbour's, not my own. Also, the browser does no longer hang when using WLAN.
+ Much faster screen rotation.
+ Battery seems to last longer.
+ HelloOx hack still works
+ QWERTY/QWERTZ-bug now fixed
+ Some visual improvements: bigger tabs, slightly bigger buttons on the dialer.
? Messaging seems less likely to crash when retrieving emails (if set to auto-retrieval, when you previously double clicked on an email to actually download it, Messaging would crash 9 times out of 10 unless you previously had connected to the mailbox)

+ Geo-Tagging support for both camera and the video recorder.
+ "use secondary camera" option in camera's menu, probably to use the front-side camera
+ Camera seems to process images faster. Initial impressions on image quality are: it's the same

+ multimedia bar now shows that a program is active, even if the program was not started over the bar itself
+ music player now reacts much quicker to remote control keypresses and it's become to adjust volume through the remote control
+ multimedia bar is now skinnable
+ Voice recorded files now show up in the Sounds folder in the Gallery.
+ Better bass reproduction.
+ Podcasts menu is added to the player.

+ Skype N96 edition now works on S60v5
+ Zoom, Full Screen and Pan options for Flash video. Flash video also has a DPAD now.
+ New Applications: Software Update, Dictionary (with incremental search and up to three languages)

Some severe new problems reported
* Updating over the air will likely randomise your lock code, leaving you clueless as to what it is (if you had enabled and changed it to something other than the default). Resolution: update again over the USB cable with Nokia's software updater.
* Someone reports: Blasted "screen randomly changing hue" bug is back. I saw this in V10 but it was ok in V11. What happens is the buttons, images, basically everything on the screen takes on a purple / green / red tinge, like there's a screen malfunction, except the network and battery indicators remain perfectly white. It comes and goes on its own... damned annoying!


Anonymous said...

Regarding the described LOCK CODE problem, you stated this will only appear when firmware is installed OTA (Over the Air) and it looks as if using the Nokia Software Updater via USB-cable will prevent this from happening??
Can you reconfirm this please.
I am just reading of this problem in several discussions but unfortunately these people do not say which way they have updated...

sander said...

I cannot confirm that it happens only when updating OTA. It just did with me. From what I've read, it happens when you do it OTA and when you have set and activated a lock code that is not 12345.

_Reinstalling_ the update using the NSU will fix it for you though if the above happened to you. Although, I've read about one person over at the Nokia forum who could not Reinstall the update (the option wasn't shown).

I'm not saying the Lock code cannot also happen over the cable, I just think it seems unlikely (as you can carry it out many times).